Passing on the love of music in a fun, warm, and innovative way.

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Enjoy Explore & Create

With over 20 years of experience, Pianobase understands that music is about enjoyment, exploration and creativity. At Pianobase we design our programme and hand tailor our lessons to incorporate all forms of genre, music theory and composing - whether it be through games, singing, drumming and of course playing and performing. 
If you make music fun and enjoyable, then the rest will simply flow.

In this way we can all express our individuality in many forms through music.


Our philosophy is to pass on a love of music through engaging and developing your creative expression. 
To create an opportunity for the young and young at heart, to enrich their lives through exploring, creating and experiencing the pleasure of music in a stimulating and enjoyable environment. 

Whether you are a beginner or you’ve had prior experience, this programme will take every individual on an exciting musical journey allowing music to become a lifelong companion.
Music is universal!

Through playing the piano, every student will be taken on their own journey of musical exploration,

learning to tell a story, express an idea, a feeling or a thought through music alone. 
Our programme inspires students to be creative, and in doing so, build confidence and create social connections through music itself.

Music is the Expression of Ones Self!


18 Angelico St, Woodlands WA 6018, Australia

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