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Perfect for beginners to intermediate (2-3 students p/class)


Reserved for intermediate - advance & adult students

  • Weekly piano lessons throughout each school term.

  • Online support for home learning, including app and online videos.

  • Certificates of Achievement for each level passed.

  • Performer Pass to our annual Pianobase Concerts.

  • All extra music materials, on top of curriculum provided.

Studio Policies Payment & re-enrolment Policy All lessons are excluding GST. Books are inclusive. Payment for any Lesson Cycle or part thereof, is made prior to commencement. In order to continue securing your regularly scheduled time, fees for each successive Cycle must be paid prior to commencement of the next Cycle. Fees that are more than 4 weeks overdue may incur an additional service charge, unless prior arrangements have been made. This can also result in your time being forfeited. An enrolment fee of $100 for group lessons and $150 for private lessons is collected at time of enrolment for each student. This represents 4 weeks advance notice. In the event that the student will not be continuing lessons, 4 weeks’ notice within the term cycle must be given to have this amount fully reimbursed or deducted form the last Term fee.